Summer is quickly sleeping away, but we are trying to make the most of it. Trips to the park, outdoor playing, BBQs. And eagerly waiting for our summer holiday in a couple of weeks.
One of your favourite at the playground

This week you:

  • Wore your first pigtails. And you were very patient while I struggled to tie your hair!
  • Had fun at our friends’ house on Sunday. But didn’t played much with the other kids, I guess they were too old for you. And fell in love with an outdoor circus tent.
  • Played in the nursery playground before going in in the morning and before going home in the afternoon. Favourite toys, the police car and the kitchen units. And then we had to race to the door.
  • Ate a lot. And drank a lot of milk. And we love it when you are so good!
  • Went swimming with mama on Saturday. But all you wanted to do was staying under the shower in the changing room! And you didn’t like it much either when the other kids were splashing water at you.
  • Loved our trip to Ikea. You seriously tested all the chairs and beds in the store. And asked for chicken, chips and peas for lunch 🙂
  • Enjoyed reading out loud one of the books we picked up from the library, ‘Spot loves sports’. And we secretely laugh every time we hear you making noises and animal sounds.
  • Learned to repeat after papa: ‘BA’, ‘BE’, ‘BI’, ‘BO’, ‘BU’. And you impressed all your grandparents with this!
And from last week I’m loving Advay from The Art Side and his personal art gallery! Beautiful watercolours. 
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