#30lists // 21. Today’s weather remind me of…

Oh the weather! If you live, or ever lived in England, you sure know that the weather is #1 topic of conversation here. People are always complaining about it, rightly so, and it changes so many times during the day, that really you could talk about it non stop. I’m not really impressed with the English weather at all…growing up in southern Italy I’m not used to grey skies that last for more than one day; and being today the first day of spring I was expecting the sun would make at least a shy appearance. No luck so far!

In case you can’t read my handwriting…

21. Today’s weather remind me of…
  • I really wish I could say ‘Spring’!
  • Afternoon tea
  • The last stretch of winter
  • A B/W film
  • One of the reasons why I can’t live here
  • Last year’s holiday in sunny Italy

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