#30lists / 8. Comfort foods


Why on earth did I write this list just before lunch time! I had to concentrate very hard not to go overboard by listing all the food that I would actually love to eat right now just because I’m hungry.
If I have to choose, I’d rather have sour food than sweet food, a good plate of chips does to me more than an ice cream. But, whipped cream is my weakness and nothing can beat my mum’s strawberries and whipped cream cake…it’s my birthday’s official cake, the one and only!

In case you can’t read my handwriting…

8. Comfort foods
  • Veggie burgers + chips
  • Cannelloni al forno
  • My mum’s strawberries and whipped cream cake
  • Dark chocolate
  • Hazelnut ice cream + whipped cream
  • Pizza
  • Junk food in general, depending on the level of comfort I need!

As you might have noticed from the picture above, I have finally changed the black pen Ihave been using to write down the lists so far, and that caused a mess on yesterday’s list! As of today, I will be using a black Muji ballpoint pen 0.5,and fingers crossed, for all the remaining lists.
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