It’s week 36 and the last of nice weather! we have been out to playgrounds, for walks and for a little play in the garden.

This week you:
  • Loved looking at your art displayed in our house. You pointed at the frames every time we passed by and when I ask you who made these you point at yourself and laugh.
  • Suffered with a blocked nose and back molar pain. Woke up in the middle of the night crying and refusing to switch off the light and go back to sleep. Forced papa to go playing with you in the living room instead.
  • Loved having both of us at home on wednesday and thursday. And enjoyed the afternoon trips to the playground before dinner .
  • Insisted on wearing your new checked shirt on Friday and that made you very happy!
And from last week, I fell in love with Bijou’s, from this brown wren, and Ella’s and Leila’s, from 13 mimosa, flower crowns. It’s good to know that it’s already spring somewhere…
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