And it’s week 37 and I’m still keeping up with this project! Summer is officially over, so last week we took out our autumn clothes and put away sandals, t-shirts and shorts for good. It was a good one and we miss it, but the new season is bringing a lot of fun already!

This week you:

  • Loved wearing your green wellies and jumping in muddy puddles.
  • Got your first work bench at a car boot sale and you love it! 
  • Cried and screamed like mad during your doctor appointment.
  • Added new words to your tiny vocabulary: tat for latte (milk), si (yes) and gnammy (dummy!).
  • Carried your new green umbrella all around town pretending it was raining.
  • Had a fabulous day at nursery on Friday.
  • Gained your old appetite back after a week of mainly drinking milk.
  • Had nuts for breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. We would have known by now if you were allergic!
From last week loving Frankie’s shot from birdy popcorn’s happy days; it reminds me so well of that warm feeling of summer we are all missing terribly.
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