It’s week 38 and autumn is now in full swing! 
This week you:
  • Talked and talked and talked. On one afternoon you talked for one hour straight before finally falling down for a nap! It’s fun, but very exhausting.
  • Loved building a fort with a blanket and playing under it with your favourite toys. You loved it so much you cried in the evening when we took it down, and asked to build it again the following day.
  • Were down with high temperature for two days, but it didn’t bother you and played all day long as normal (didn’t even loose your appetite!).
  • Wore a paper crown just long enough for me to snap a picture of you. You enjoyed watching me making one, but the wearing it part was not as funny.
  • Jumped with excitement when I gave you some barbapapa printouts for you to colour. And you have not stopped since!

From last week loving Zack, Vaila and Katie from muckle mum. What an artistic and sweet family!

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