It’s week 41 and still very glad I’m keeping up with this project.

This is you, waiting for the train while munching on nuts

This week you:

  • Waited impatiently at the airport for papa to come back from his trip. And when he finally arrived, you were more interested in showing him the cheese crackers you were eating.
  • Kept dancing during dinner time at Nando’s. They had the music on and you couldn’t help it. So cute, but also so distracting.
  • Learned to drink from a water bottle with a sports cup. You managed to pour water all over yourself at your firts attempt, but then mastered the technique like a pro.
  • Collected all the acorns we could find on the nursery playground. Forty minutes later we managed to leave and go home.
  • Enjoyed going around town using the public transport. And asked if it was our stop at every single one; you couldn’t wait to get off!
And from last week, I love the marvel on Everdeen Kate’s face from You and I. And those blue eyes (and super cute drees)!
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