It’s week 43 and you are becoming funnier every day. It is amazing how many changes you go through every week. And the more you change, the more we like you.
Loving playing squirrels in the nursery ground and collecting acorns
This week you:
  • Added many new words to your vocabulary. But the most hilarious one is “uovo” (egg), as you make such a funny face when you say it, we want to kiss you all over.
  • Kept playing over and over with your puzzles. I think it’s time to get you new and more challenging ones.
  • Had a temperature on Friday and I had to pick you up from nursery before lunch. And although you weren’t feeling great you had so much fun playing with mama’s craft stash.
  • Had a playdate on Sunday and loved going around, chatting and playing with your little friends.
  • Adjusted to clock change instantly, and slept even more than ususal.
And from last week, I love the seasonal pictures of Rianna, from A.k.a Chymecindy. So much happiness in just being a kid and playing with simple things. It reminds me a lot of my little squirrel above!

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