It’s week 45 and it’s only 4 weeks away from your 2nd birthday! We spent the week in Central Italy visiting your grandparents and as usual, time went by too quickly.

This is you in your grandad’s vegetable patch, apple tasting. 
This week you:

  • Asked to play with the dog all day long. It was your first thought in the morning and the last in the evening.
  • Had a temperature for two days and a candida infection, but you did brilliantly, except for one night where you woke up screaming several times and only felt asleep in mama’s arms watching some tv.
  • Visited the local playground and loved it. On top of playing with the seesaw, sling and slide you collected lots of leaves to carry around.
  • Went out almost everyday for a walk with your cousin’s bike. As soon as you were on it, you adjusted the mirrors and put the music on.
  • Got a new pair of shoes and still trying to figure out how to put them on.
  • Had a go at blowing bubbles. We ended up with no bubbles and a very soapy grass.
And from last week, I love this little red head from Ellieboo. Doesn’t she look like a top model in the back stage of a catwalk?

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