It’s week 49 and the countdown has already started! 

This is you in a very bad light, opening presents on your birthday, wearing your favourite jumper
This week you:
  • Turned two! You loved opening the presents and blowing the birthday candles. You cut the cake but didn’t want try it at all.
  • Enjoyed spending time with your grandparents.
  • Got obsessed with one of your jumpers (the same one you are wearing in the picture) and refused to wear anything else. So we are now on the hunt for another some one.
  • Made me print pictures of your little friends and loved looking at them.
  • Learned lots of new words and started repeating the ones that you like, i.e. tuta (sweatpants), cassa (cash register) and Olaf (it’s a character from the cartoon Pimpa).
  • Missed your teacher Becca at nursery and were feeling a bit low, but had a good week overall.
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