The 52 project: week 3

I’m jumping in late into this project, but I’m just happy I decided to take the challenge. It came at the right time. Just last week I was stressing myself out thinking how a year had gone by since Olivia was born and all the memory keeping I was planning to do resolved in a massive archive of bad-ish photos without any comments or thoughts. Right after sharing my concerns with my not-so-bordered other half, I discovered the 52 weeks project. It was through one of my old, if not one of the first, favourite bloggers bluebirdbaby. I liked the idea, I liked what I saw, I like what it could come out of it. So here it goes.

Bath time – our favourite time of the day

Dinner time – Having fun with your hair
This week:
You slept in your bed until the morning for 2 nights in a row.
You played hide and seek with your plate and had food stuck in your hair.
You learned to stay up late.
You laughed at your papa doing the moonwalking.