The 52 project: week 4

And I’m still very grateful for this project.
Although I only get to spend evening and weekends with little Miss O, although I’m taking crappy pictures with my phone, although she keeps moving every time I try to take a pic….I love snapping those moments when we are together, having fun and being happy.

Your first trip to IKEA 
(and yes you are not really allowed to have chips!)

Evening play

In the supermarket trolley
This week you:
Sighed (and laughed afterwards) every time you drank a cup of water (even during the night).
Refused to get your hair dried.
Had your first molar cutting through (or so we thought! We discovered you had the top two out already :)).
Had your immunisation shots and you did brilliantly us not so much!).
You had a lot of fun with your mama at the pool on sat morning.
Note: My goal in following weeks will be to improve my picture taking, this week has been not so great. I’m currently using my Iphone as my camera needs new batteries, they have been ordered, so fingers crossed they will arrive soon.