Thoughts on 2013 and hopes for 2014

Every year in January I feel the urge to go through a scanning process of the past year, the good and the bad are sift through, all the finished projects are crossed of the list, all the unfinished projects make it to a new (ever growing) list, a recap of the year is made and digested. Some people prefer going through this process in December and get ready to start new things and tackle new ventures on January first. To me January is the month to think deeply and reflect on what has just been and what it will be. It’s time for dreaming about the coming year, and time to make amends for the past one.
This year is no different. We just came back from a long winter break where there was no time, nor intention, to start this process any sooner. Over the past few days I have flicked through all the 142 posts I wrote in 2013; a big jump from the 11 posts of the previous year! Every month had its own ups and downs, but mostly every month had something new to show. And this is what I want to remember for each and every one (click on the images below to see the related post).
January saw the start of “Project 52, a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. So much I’m keeping up with it in 2014.
February set the start of the “Pick of the Month” series, which is still ongoing. A collection of monthly favorites ranging from clothes to room décor.
March was the debut month for the “30 Days of Lists” projects. The first one was an impulsive start, the other two followed easily.
April showed my love for notebooks.
In May I started my own project, “walk to work”, a series of daily photos taken during my commute to work and shared on Instagram.
In June I rediscovered my interest in bookbinding.
July was the month of the “phone photography project” and the opening of my Etsy shop.
August was the time of our summer holidays.
In September I wrote an “I am…” list and enjoyed the process very much.
October was marked by some seasonal DIY projects, including a wreath and a striped quilt for my baby girl.
In November I kept experimenting with rubber stamps and kept feeding this new obsession of mine.
December has been the more valuable family time of the year.
The hope is to be able to keep up with all of the above in this new year, including new projects, more focus on a few things, better photos and lots of fun. I still don’t have a clear plan for 2014, but a few things and ideas in my head which I’ll try to finalise before the end of the month.
It’s going to be a challenge to beat 2013, but there are some coming news which will help in making 2014 an even better and special year.