52/52 + 1/52

The end and the beginning! Following this project last year has been extremely valuable to me. I was able to record an entire year into my little one’s life through photos and some fun facts. And I’m already putting together a mini book with all the posts to print in several copies for us and the grandparents. I have the same plan for 2014: “A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014”, but maybe using less words and better photos. 
This is you on Christmas day, reading a book on your tiny chair under the Christmas tree
This week you:
  • Loved playing around the house with everyone in the family;
  • Finally learned to say your name, well almost,…Olila is as good as it gets!
  • Didn’t eat properly during dinner time, but enjoyed snacking pizzas and gelatos.
  • Had your first Italian ID card. It took a while to get the photo done, but it turned out to be very cute.
  •  Enjoyed some cuddles from your not-so-little-anymore friend G. We think it’s love!

This is you on January 1st. You spent the morning on the couch under the blanket with your favourite puppets. We think you needed to recover from the late night before (yes, you stayed up until 12.30am to celebrate), but also loved the spot where you little friend E fell asleep the night before.

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