Bath time
This week you:
  • Blabbered and blabbered and blabbered. And we loved listening to you.
  • Let me put your plastic bib on during meal times after months of messy clothes. And loved going around the house wearing it. Unfortunately it only lasted one day!
  • Replied ‘mamma’ with a cheeky laugh every time your dad asked you who you love the most. It seemed like you were doing it on purpose.
  • Tried on your new sandals and t-shirt and wouldn’t let me take them off despite the chilly temperatures.
  • Learned how to make the noise of a dog…finally.
And from last week portraits I’m loving Finnian and Ronan from Capturing Moments hiding in a ball pool, they must have had so much fun! 
If you are curious about this project and want to know more, you can check Jody’s blog @ Che and Fidel.

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