This project is still a joy to be part of. My posting time has changed slightly over the past couple of months, and I blame the weather and the clock change for it. We are finding ourselves spending more time outdoors during the weekend, although the English weather has not been totally on our side. And that means not really wanting to spend time in front of my laptop on Sunday morning. So here I am, posting on Tuesday morning because it was a Bank Holiday weekend this week and it was unexpectedly sunny and warm and we stayed outside as much as we could.

This week you:

  • Whispered ‘mamma’ and ‘papa’ in your sleep and it was so sweet to hear it.
  • Learned to go down the big slide by yourself.
  • Had a couple of troubled nights because of teething. And for the first time we had to go for a car ride to let you fall asleep.
  • Got excited as soon as you realised we were about to change the bed sheets. You know we let you play hide and seek with the duvet and make a hammock with the sheets for you to sling in.
  • Fell in love with your new chair. It’s still a bit high for you to be able to sit by yourself, so you learned to climb on it and stand up, turn and then sit down. But we are now thinking of hiding it from you as it looks dangerous.
  • You kept blabbering pretending to read almost everytime we asked you to.
  • You got some new toys and loved playing with them.
From last week’s posts I got hooked up by ten thousand stars dance photos by Sabrina Schellkes and her approach at documenting her journey through different themes each week. Love it!
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