Walk to work

I have been often taken pictures during my short walk to work to use them as a reference for any potential drawing/painting.  Needless to say that none of those pictures have so far made their way onto any sort of paper. So lately, I have decided to forget about my painting plans and to try making my journey more interesting by just taking a picture every day. I have been using my IPhone for taking picture as it makes it so easy and accessible, and have been posting them on instagram with the #walktowork hashtag (here). I have mainly used two filters: Amaro (my favourite) and Earlybird, and not added any frame.
The subject of the photos is very random, I shoot whatever I feel like and fancy that morning, could it be the weather, my shoes or some flowers. I don’t have a theme, but I’m thinking of picking one every week and see where this goes.
I am very lucky to say that my morning walk to work only takes about 10 minutes. It takes me through two sets of traffic lights, a nice little one way road, with terraced houses on both sides and pretty gardens. I pass by a church, two primary schools and Olivia’s nursery too, which is quite handy when I drop her off in the morning and pick her up at lunchtime. There are other routes I could use, but this one is my favourite as it is quiet and I love experiencing the seasons through the changes that happen in the front gardens along the way.
It’s a nice and relaxed walk, shame it leads me to the office in the morning!

NOTE: I have been in St John’s Wood for two days last week, and that made an interesting change of scenery to my morning walks, if not adding about one hour each way to my daily commute!